I’m ‘Of a certain age!’ Is it me…..or is it hot in here ? (Photo without make up! Just me…! )

Let’s talk about the M word – Menopause, Tropical moments, Hot flushes (hot flashes in the US!), the Change – whatever you call it !

I’m talking about women in their late 40’s to 60’s – my story! (I do know that it can happen earlier than the above age range).

I can’t actually say when it all started for me. All I can say is that everyone will be different.

I first started experiencing many of the symptoms when I was in my early 50’s – which I think was quite late really.

My symptoms were:-

Hot flushes

Night sweats

Unable to sleep

Joint pains

Cotton wool brain


Shall I go on……….

The worst part was having to work through all this (which I know we all have to do !).

Sitting in a centrally heated office, where other people kept whacking up the thermostat to 25 !!! I sat at my desk with an electric fan both on my desk and one under the desk (to keep my feet cool as I also suffer with the problem of Primary Lymphodeama – that’s another story !).

Then there were the comments !!!!! From the men coming in to the office…..yes honestly !!!!

Ohhh are we having a hot flush love ! Arrrghhh- which of course just made it worse !!!!!!

Ok……well it happens to all women. Though having said that in Japan very few women suffer the same as women in the West. This is due to a diet high in Phytoestrogens and a plant based diet.

Any way……..here we go!

Trip to see the GP

HRT here we come.

As I said above, I can’t honestly say when it all really started, though it was back in 2010 when I decided to pay my GP a visit.

I could not stand it any longer ! I was unable to function both mentally and physically. I explained all this to my GP and after reading lots of info, weighing up the ‘pro’s and ‘con’s ‘ decided to go ahead and give HRT a try !

Now I do realise it isn’t suitable for everyone. For me however it was FANTASTIC !!!! I felt human again, my hubs was happy too because I was happy. I was even sleeping too…..oh happy day !!!!!! There was also the added bonus of it helping fight off Osteoporosis (a worry I had, due to menstruation ceasing in my early 20’s through weight loss – that’s for another day!).

Everything was just so much better, my skin, hair, no aching joints, memory fine……..life was great !

I did however have to have regular check ups. Every three months when my next prescription was due. The usual things BP/ weight.

However after being on the tablets for 4 years I had to come off. This was due to the fact that it’s the recommended time period for taking HRT.

But……also I had a mammogram scare……which I must admit really did scare me. So thought the time was right to come off.

After about a week off the tablets I thought……hey ! I’m ok, I’ve come through……but boy how wrong was I !!!!! Everything returned with a vengeance!

I could have cried……well to be honest I did.

So I just lived with it…..and it did get a little better. However recently it has started to get worse…….talk about a rollercoaster ride ! So the other week visited my GP – was sent for a few blood tests and she suggested maybe I go down the herbal route. Black Cohosh and Sage were two of the herbs suggested. I need to do some research I think into this. (If anyone has tried these please let me know!)

Well…….as you can see from the above I suppose I’ve been one of the unlucky ones. I have friends who have just sailed through it. I have also read that it is possible – if your mother suffered with symptoms you are at a great risk of suffering too (which my mother did. Luck of the draw…..or rather bad luck !).

What I would say to anyone suffering or just wanting to know more about the subject is, read up and visit your GP ! Don’t suffer in silence.

As some of you know I have started eating a plant based diet and I’m going to give meditation a try too. Will let you know how I get on !


Say no to being invisible !

At this time of life many women feel invisible. But this does not need to be the case.

Even though I struggle with my weight I do still try to be stylish (Ok ! I may not always pull it off…but I try! ).

I looked at a photo of my mother on her wedding day once and thought how old she looked even at 36 ! Even my hubs commented !

I think it’s such a shame these days when women in their 50’s and 60’s dress like their mothers! All sensible…….don’t do it ! Have fun, experiment !

We only need to look at Helen Mirren and Lulu to see that age shouldn’t be a barrier.

I think what I’m trying to say is being in your late 50’s 60’s and beyond doesn’t mean you have to hide in the shadows. Get that lippy on and hold your head up high ! Post a photo on Instagram if you want to!

I follow quite a few sassy, stylish woman of a certain age (real women) and I just get so much inspiration from them……and you can too.

A few style ideas I came to in my 50’s !

Converse All Stars !!! Love them.

Cropped trousers with ballet flats.

Statement earrings.

Red lippy.


Always carry some shades!

Baggy lived in jumper.

Accessories always lift a look.

A spritz of perfume!

A few things to keep in your bag!

A mini fan (a must ).

Evian mist spray ( or which ever brand you prefer).

Bottle of chilled water.

A hair clip – if you have long hair.

Face/make up blotters (when things get a bit shiny).

In the hight of summer…….a lovely straw hat (on your head not in your bag! ).

That’s it !

Hope this post hasn’t been too long. Really hope it helps. Any questions please get in touch.

Thank you for popping along and having a read !

Bye !

Annie xx

(Just to say…….this is just my story. If you are having any problems with the Menopause etc see your General Practitioner. Any brands mentioned I buy. Nothing has been an ad or promotion !)

2 thoughts on “I’m ‘Of a certain age!’ Is it me…..or is it hot in here ? (Photo without make up! Just me…! )

  1. Great post Annie. The menopause definitely does affect women in different ways. As you say, some sail through it whilst others have a miserable time. Fortunately I had a fairly calm journey through my menopause and only experienced some night sweats and hot flushes that were annoying but not debilitating as they can be for some people. My hair seems to be a bit thinner and my skin isn’t as good as it used to be but those are really minor issues and something a good haircut and decent skincare products can deal with. Great tips on being stylish. I’m all for a little bit of red lippy! xxx


    1. Yep…..it’s all down to genes. So thanks to my mum…..it’s a bummer ! But hey ho ! Thanks for the comment Brigitte…..we just carry on…..but with style! πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ’„πŸ•ΆπŸ›xx


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