Quick simple food from my little kitchen (Part 2 – Simple Lunches)

Sometines my lunch is a quick affair, a fridge forage of sorts. When I just want sustenance but at the same time something tasty and hopefully healthy (though sometimes I’m afraid it isn’t – I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination!). So to follow are just a few ideas.

Really hope you try them and no doubt adapt them to your taste. Enjoy !

Lunch Ideas

Butter bean houmous

Ok, I know…..this is ridiculously easy and not really a recipe, rather a mixing together of ingredients, but none the less delicious. Also, more a store cupboard lunch rather than a fridge forage. Though if you have a dish of butter beans left over which I often do, then perfect !

Ingredients required :

Serves 1

200g can Butter beans

1/2 tsp Minced garlic

2 Tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

1-2 tsp Tahini paste

1/2 lemon

Salt and pepper to season

Just basically drain the can of beans and add to a bowl. Mash with a fork, this will take a few minutes, then add the garlic, tahini, olive oil, a good squeeze of lemon juice, pinch of sea salt and good grind of black pepper, along with a pinch of cumin.

Give everything a good mix and then have a taste……if you need to add more of anything you will know by tasting !

That’s it !

I love this on toasted sourdough with a sprinkle of Dukkha (a spicy seed mix that you can buy ready mixed or you can make yourself. Afraid I buy ! Like I say……I’m not perfect!).

Egg free noodles with walnut coriander pesto and broccoli

This is a lovely lunch to use leftover veggies. Here I use broccoli but sugar snap peas, or a few strands of courgette fried with oil and a squeeze of lemon would work too.

Ingredients required :-

Serves 1

Egg free noodles or pasta (bucatini would work well)

Leftover green veggies (whatever you wish)

Handful of pine nuts

Handful of walnuts

1 Lemon

Large bunch of coriander

Extra Virgin olive oil

Clove of minced garlic

Salt and pepper to season

Cook the noodles or pasta as instructed on the packet.

While they are cooking, place the pine nuts, walnuts, coriander, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and seasoning in a blender. Give it a good whizz and don’t forget to taste half way through for seasoning purposes! Once you have blended it to the consistency you prefer (I like mine a little course), then check how your noodles are.

In a bowl place your veggies of choice, add however much of the pesto you wish, give a very light mix with a spoon to coat the veggies. Then add the cooked drained noodles/pasta to the veggie mixture.

I always love to give another light squeeze of lemon plus a tiny drizzle of oil…..but that is up to you !

If you wish a few shards of Parmesan would be lovely, or not if like me you are eating plant based. However I have recently started using nutritional yeast which is really good! (It has a cheesy/Marmite flavour…..I love Marmite!)

Lunch is served….enjoy!

Marinated smoked tofu on sourdough

Must admit this is quick (as in cooking time), but it needs preparing ahead due to the fact the flavours need to soak into the tofu.

It’s a favourite of ours and always serve it with salad and dressing, either on the toast or as a side.

Ingredients required:-

Serves 2

Block of smoked Tofu

(I use and love ‘The Tofoo Co’ – not an advert ! I just love it !)

Ground nut oil

1 clove of minced garlic

Thumb size piece of minced ginger

A good pinch of dried chill flakes

A couple of good dashes of Rice wine vinegar

Three good shakes of Soy sauce

2 Tsp of sesame seeds

Couple of drops of Sesame oil

(Just a bit of advice – when you remove the tofu from its pack you will find that it is similar to feta cheese in that it is stored in some water – so drain the water, remove the tofu and place in a bowl that has a few layers of kitchen towel on the bottom. Then with a couple more pieces of towel placed on top of the tofu gently press down. You will be amazed at how much water drains away. You will need to refresh the kitchen towel a couple of times till the tofu is dry. The reason I go through this process is that it helps the tofu crisp up when under the gril.)

Ok now we are ready !

Place in a wide flat dish enough oil to cover the bottom (about 4cm of oil in depth).

Add to this all the above ingredients except the tofu.

Give the ingredients a mix to combine together.

Then slice the tofu thinly (I usually get approx 12-14 slices from 1 block). Gently put all the slices in the dish making sure that all the tofu gets coated. Cover the dish with foil and leave to marinate for as long as possible. This is why I always prep ahead of cooking this. If possible (not always I know !) I try and prep it the night before.

Once the tofu has been marinated transfer the slices to a sheet of foil or baking sheet and pop into the high heat grill. Keep your eyes on it as it will soon cook and crisp up (Just how we like it !)

I usually turn the slices over to crisp them on both sides…..it’s up to you!

When ready……serve on toasted Sourdough or bun of your choice, along with any salad ingredients you wish.

Sometimes if I have a large Portobello mushroom I slice it and add to the marinade and pop in the grill with the tofu too – very yum !

That’s it !


Well……hope you find the above lunch ideas a bit of help and inspiration. If you have any questions you was to ask me……please drop be a line.

Happy cooking……

Will pop by here again soon!

Annie xx

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