I’m hungry !

Quick simple food from my little kitchen (Part 1 – Breakfasts)

First, I think a little background information is required before I get down to the ‘Nitty Gritty’ of the food I love to eat.

It all started back in October 2015 when I went along to a book signing in Manchester for Nigella Lawsons new book at the time ‘Simply Nigella’ – I waited, along with probably a hundred or more fans, with her book held tightly in my hands, feeling just a little nervous at the prospect of meeting one of my food writing idols. Though I really shouldn’t have been nervous as she was just so friendly and I felt that she was the kind of person you could pass a few hours with over coffee chatting about food and cooking. Though I know this will never happen.

So why mention this?

Well it’s due to going along to Nigella’s book signing that led me to starting on Instagram. She was the first person I followed. My very first post was Avocado on toast for which Nigella liked and commented on…….so that was it the seed had been planted – I was hooked!

Now, three years down the line and still enjoying the community of Instagram I’ve progressed to this blog.

Over the past few years on Instagram quite a few of my followers have asked me for the details (they aren’t really recipes as such !) of a number of the dishes and snacks I post.

So I thought it was about time I sorted a blog post out for them. Just a few favourites that I use on a regular basis.

I think I also need to say that since April 2018 I have been eating plant based or Vegan whichever term you prefer. So the recipes I’m posting are therefore plant based, though to be honest I had been eating a few of them long before I decided to go down the vegan route. (Please don’t judge! Plant based eaters seem to be the but of jokes at the monent !)I am not a Clean Eater…..hate that term.) This was due to the fact that my husband was already a vegetarian so I already used lots of veggies in my meals. Plus I wanted to feel more energised.

My husband is not vegan as he loves cheese and eggs too much !

Hope you find the following ideas helpful. I am just someone who loves to cook in my little kitchen and who loves food far too much !

The following ideas are breakfasts (though…..can be eaten anytime you wish !)

Breakfast ideas

Must admit my favourite meal of the day is breakfast. Which is really quite amusing, as when young it took me all the energy to eat a bowl of Weetabix before heading off to school.

Nowadays I’m woken by my stomach rumbling !

So here are just a few ideas. Some I enjoy during the week, while others are lazy weekend breakfast with hubs !

Berry/Raw Cacao porridge

This is basically porridge made from rolled oats and Oat milk (my go to alternative dairy of choice – but if you use dairy no probs at all) then during cooking I add a handful of berries. In fact anything you love – when in season I use fresh berries. However out of season (I’m not a food snob)….frozen berries are more than acceptable! To be quite honest I prefer them, as when defrosted they are lovely and soft and soon mix into the porridge ! As a result of adding the berries during cooking the porridge takes on a lovely pinky hew (never a bad thing!).

If you don’t want a pinky hew to your porridge and would rather have a chocolatey flavour, I sometimes add half a tablespoon of raw Cocao (can be brought on line !) while cooking. However you will need to add just a hint of sweetness as it has a very bitter dark chocolate taste. I therefore usually add just a little Maple syrup (and really only a trickle as I don’t have a very sweet tooth). Also because I’m trying to cut down on the amount of sugar in our diet.

So once the porridge (be it berry or Cacao) is cooked to the consistency your prefer, then comes the best bit….Toppings !

You can choose whatever you wish.

Some of my favourites are :-

  • Coconut yogurt and a handful of nuts.
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon and chopped apple
  • A dollop of all fruit jam(low or no sugar)
  • Coconut yogurt and peanut butter (or any nut butter of your choice)
  • Chopped banana and handful of seeds

Basically the list is endles.

Enjoy !!!

Acai Bowl

Acai bowls are just so delicious and healthy.

I had never heard of them till I saw them appear on Instagram !

I tell you they are like eating ice cream for breakfast which is no bad thing.

Acai bowls are made up of basically three ingredients (really simple !)

Mine are (Serves 2) : –

  • 3 Frozen bananas
  • 3 Tbsp Coconut yogurt
  • 2 Tbsp Acai powder

Put the ingredients in a blender and give it a good old blitz till lovely and smooth. I then like to add a squeeze of lime and a good dollop approx 1 Tbsp of nut butter if your choice, blitz again……that’s it !


Place in your favourite bowl and top with whatever takes your fancy.

Some of my favourite toppings include (when in season), fresh strawberries, a few mint leaves and dessicated coconut.

Chopped nuts and banana.

Scoop of passion fruit and kiwi for a Tropical kick ! The combinations are endless.

Enjoy !

Buckwheat/ Spelt pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes ?

We usually enjoy these on Saturday mornings accompanied with the weekend papers and copious amounts of coffee !

(Serves 2 greedy people)

1 cup of Spelt or Buckwheat flour

1 cup of oat milk (or any other milk you wish)

2tbsp Rapeseed oil

2 small mashed bananas

1 heaped Tbsp nut butter

1 tsp cinnamon

Put all ingredients into a blender and blitz or as I do just into a bowl and mix with a wooden spoon (A bit of an early morning work out !)

Once it’s all well mixed (depending on how you prefer your batter to be – if you prefer working with a loose batter add a little more milk, if like me I prefer a thicker batter the mix will be fine). Heat up your frying pan adding a little rapeseed oil (I then wipe most of the oil off the base of tge non stick pan once heated !) – then with a spoon add small quantities to the pan. We like thickish pancakes, so once little pin holes appear in the cooking cakes they are then ready to flip over and leave till fully cooked on the flipped side- this takes just a few minutes. After each cake is cooked I transfer to a plate with a piece of kitchen towel on to just soak up any oil that may be on the cakes. Once all your cakes are cooked……… they are ready to serve ! We usually have them with coconut yogurt and a home made berry compote. To make the compote just heat in a pan some frozen berries (or fresh when in season), a splash of orange juice, squeeze of lemon and cook till the berries and orange juice have reduced down a little. Can be served hot with the pancakes – or made ahead and served cold. Enjoy !

Well…….hope you enjoy these really simple breakfast ideas!

My next blog post will be light lunches !

Grab a coffee or cuppa and have a read!

Take care

Annie xx

7 thoughts on “I’m hungry !

  1. Thank you Annie for giving us the details on how to make those lovely breakfasts you post. The thing that really surprises me is how fast they are to make and there might be the odd speciality thing to buy but most of the items we already have to hand and they are all so versatile. I love the term plant based diet – can’t think why no one thought of it before. Just the name sounds so healthy and almost cleansing. I recall Ella saying once that you just have to look at this food compared to junk food and you just know it is going to do you good


    1. Hi Janet ! Sorry this reply is late ! Been on an ironing Marathon today . Still gave a pile of pots to wash……just call be Mrs Mop ! – any way….less of my house keeping moans! Rgsnk you do much for your lovely reply. It felt a bit wierd writing them down, because probably like yourself you just get on and bake the dishes and done think about it. So I bit odd writing it all down. Also…..can’t get to grips with this Blog set up ! Just about kind of know to reply to people! Any way better get on. Hope you’ve had a good day. Will catch up later by IG ! Thanks Janet! 😘xx


  2. Hi Annie. Sorry for not writing a comment earlier. I’ve been busy writing a mega long post of my own and still not finished it. What I need is a typist to write it out for me. I could be like Barbara Cartland spouting out my post whilst lying on my chaise long and having someone tapping away on the laptop keys!! Great breakfast ideas. One day I will actually try and be as creative as you at making breakfast and not reach for my Honey Nut Loops !! xx


    1. No probs ! I need to work out how to follow blogs have not got a clue ! It took me ages to see your comment ! 🙈 I know what you mean. This is a long one too – hense why it’s in Parts ! Have a good weekend…..hope you have a hot choc kind breakfast !! 😀👌xx


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