New Year !

First of all……Happy New Year for 2019!

Well here it is again – January

Don’t know about you but –

I cannot tell a lie – January and I don’t usually ‘get on’ with each other.

The glow, excitement and anticipation of Christmas has well and truly passed and all that is left is a cold, grey, damp January. Not good!

But this year……Ohhh no !!!!

It’s positive vibes only !!!!

I’ve decided to see it as a time for planning. In the form of a –

‘To do’ List.

I mean…..something to look forward too is always a good thing……right !?

Now it’s not going to be a wonderful Tropical holiday (how I wish it was…….though always open to offers !)but it may be in the form of a long weekend away or even just a day out somewhere different. It could even be a little treat to yourself in the form of a pamper day. Or if time is restrictive a massage or pedicure I find works wonders for feeling tip top!

It does not have to be an all singing, all dancing weekend away at Soho House (we’ve all seen the gorgeous posts on Instagram and Website of the Soho Farmhouse haven’t we !? – all very swoon worthy ! Again… to offers !) but if you don’t live in that gorgeous part of the country something a little closer to home is just as good.

So that is definitely on my January ‘To do list’

Also next on the list is

Instagram…… continue gaining more confidence on Social media.

My love of Instagram just grows and grows and I’m truly in awe of the amazing people that I get to chat with on a daily basis. Hopefully may even get chance to meet even more of them this year !

Plant based food-

Some of you may or may not know…… that, last year from about late April I decided to try Plant based eating. This wasn’t because of any ethical reasons (though recently it has been highlighted as being so much better for our planet !) but was to hopefully help me feel more energised in myself.

Well…..I’m still eating plant based….yes there were a few early “wobbly moments” but you just get back on !

I’m actually finding it so inspiring looking at alternative eating and my favourite ‘go to’ books being the Deliciously Ella collection.

So…..definitely will be trying more recipes this year. Also my husband eats Vegetarian so this really does help make it a lot easier!

Well……thats just a few thoughts that have been added to my list!

If you can think of any other ideas to help us get through January…..please drop a line! All help gratefully received.

Right……time for a cuppa I think !

In fact my ‘go to’ cuppa at the moment is a Hot chocolate made with Oat Milk, raw cacao, cinnamon and maple syrup……very yum indeed and the oat milk makes it super frothy too !

Take care…….

Will catch up with you again very soon !

Annie xx

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