Hello from Annie !

Hi !

Welcone to ‘Tulips & Treacle’

If you don’t know me already I’m Annie, a Northern lass (but without the northern accent !) – so welcome to my Blog ! Hope you have a cup of something warm(it’s chilly in the UK at the moment!) and are curled up all comfy and cosy!

Going to let you into a secret….I never imagined for a nanosecond that I would start writing a blog. In fact up to a few years back I didn’t even know what a blog was !

It was only when the addiction to Instagram started approximately three years a go that I came across such amazing people and their blogs.

Now I’m not a ‘writer’ but I do love putting pen to paper (afraid I’m addicted to lovely stationery- will talk about that another day !) and jotting down thoughts while out and about. So I thought why not ! Have a go Annie, you know you want to…….so after a couple of years of just thinking and dreaming- here I am !

What’s it going to be about ?

I’m ‘of a certain age’ BUT I love to have fun, enjoy life, food, style, both in the home and fashion. Just because a person reaches a certain “number” in their life doesn’t mean style goes out of the window and sensible shoes and nylon shoppers come in through the front door! No way…..though if it’s snowing then snow style is allowed….in the form of Hunters and duvet coats !!!

Now, I can’t promise that I won’t talk about “that topic” – you know the one!? It’s freezing but you are glowing! Those “tropical moments”, “flashes”, “flushes”, whatever you wish to call them. It happens to all women.

The Menopause!

There,I’ve said it!

Tulips & Treacle?

If you are still reading…….a big THANK YOU !

Why the name ?


Easy……I just love Tulips! Though to be honest all flowers are gratefully received ! (Just in case hubs happens to sees this !)

They just herald the coming of Spring. As for their colour – this year I loved Pink, next year it may be a rainbow of colours.

I mean…..who doesn’t love a vase full of droopy tulips !?

Now for Treacle !

Treacle just takes me back to my childhood. Especially at this time of year. Baking sticky ginger cake and Parkin with my granny (what do you mean you’ve never tried it !?). Plus treacle toffee and fudge for Bonfire night (No wonder I was always visiting the dentist as a child).

Well……that’s it for my very first blog post.

Hope you enjoyed your cuppa while reading this !?

I can tell you my finger hovered over the ‘Publish’ key for quite a few seconds ! Should I shouldn’t I !?

Will be back soon……so please pop along again!

Oh !!! Just in case you don’t know, my Instagram accounts are :-

@annierudsky (my main account)

@annieslittleartroom (my card designs and art work account)

Bye !!!


14 thoughts on “Hello from Annie !

  1. Hi Annie, loved reading your first blog post. I do remember that scary feeling while pushing the button ‘publish’ for the first time 😉 Look forward to the next one! Anita xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay! You’ve made the first big step and pressed that publish button. It’s pretty daunting but rather thrilling at the same time isn’t it! Enjoy blogging, it’s fun to do and I just know that yours will be s corker! xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww Sarah ! I thought long and hard about mentioning the M word……but thought…..well it happens to every single woman, so go for it! Thank you Sarah it really means a lot to me you reading this. 😘xx

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  3. Hi Annie – what a lovely first post. Such a natural and well written piece and you did make me laugh about Parkin because I have never tried it! Funny you should mention Spring because after 21st December (not wanting to wish my life away) the days get longer. Love Janet x


    1. Awwww thank you Janet !! ‘re Parkin will find you a recipe!!!! It’s delicious. Do you know…….’re the days and getting longer….I was thinking that too! 😀👍😘xxx


  4. Hello there!Lovely Annie! Enjoyed reading this and seriously I don’t read blogs mostly. Happy that you pressed that publish button! 👏👏👏❤️


    1. Awww thank you so much ! So glad you popped on to have a read. It really does mean such sort to me. I should hopefully gave another post I the next few days. Thank you Annie xx


  5. Annie!!! Yay-we are both bloggers now!! I know the feeling of pushing the publish. I had so many posts ready before I pushed publish. Now I’m stalled, but I’ve a few in the wings. I loved your first post and look forward to more ❤️🎄xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh thank you Vicki ! I’ve still not worked everything out…..’re the follows and different “bits” of this. Really need to sit and work it all out ! I published another post yesterday. I think the more I do the less nervous I’ll feel. I just don’t want to bore people. Thank you so much By my for popping along. Have a lovely day.Annie xx


    1. Ohhh thank you so much Jenny ! So please you have read my post. It’s early days for me as a blogger. Never ever thought people would want to read them. Have a lovely evening x


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